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Don’t believe everything you think

I’m running the other day (truthfully, barely slogging up a hill) and see a bumper sticker with this quote on it and it speaks to me.  So I take a close look and it’s made by northernsun.com but I take the time to look up what might be the source.  And, of course, when you look you find that there are many seeming precursors to the bumper sticker such as a song by Lee Brice, a book by Thomas Kida and maybe even a lecture by Dr. Wayne Dwyer.  Enough said except that — caveat emptor – the quote is not original.  But why did it speak to me?  That is easy from a Culture as Comfort perspective.  That is, as children we learn to view our worlds and thus to think according to what we get exposed to—good, bad or indifferent.  If we repeat these ideas and patterns of behavior as we tend to do, they become not only more real to us, they become second nature and thus very, very difficult to question.  To question what we think and how we think is not easy if we take it for normality with the strong undertone of morality in normality.  Therefore, we have to work hard to not believe what we think in order to do culture more mindfully.